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Verasity, a convention and item layer blockchain stage for esports and advanced substance, is banding together with the main NFT-based web-based computer game Axie Infinity for the FTX Galaxie Cup 2021. Verasity’s cutthroat esports and video real-time stage, VeraEsports will be the authority and elite transmission and esports stage accomplice of the web-based competition.

The internet-based occasion will be solely gushed on galaxiecup.com and veraesports.com, both utilizing Verasity’s VeraPlayer to communicate the occasion. This is the principal organization of its sort – with FTX Galaxie Cup being quick to use and coordinate Verasity’s protected blockchain innovation on the authority competition site.

The FTX Galaxie Cup is the primary expert Axie Infinity esports competitions held for NFT gaming and is Axie Infinity’s initial introduction to the universe of esports. The competition starts on the 27th of November and with both public and expert organizations taking an interest. The FTX Galaxie Cup opened for enrollments last month to gamers around the world, getting an uplifting reaction from the local area.

“This pre-period of Axie Esports with 5,000 AXS in prize cash has enlightened an amazing establishment for our serious scene. Competition coordinators all throughout the planet have been facilitating astounding local area occasions that keep on drawing out the most incredible locally. As our local area further tests existing known limits, we will advance our interests in working out a framework to help Axie Esports.” Andrew Campbell, Program Lead for Esports and Content Creators at Axie Infinity

Having established its status as the main blockchain-fueled watch and procure stage, VeraEsports is a serious esports and video real-time stage which offers promoters, patrons, and watchers an environment that works with a simple joining with Verasity’s VeraRewards framework. VeraRewards is additionally coordinated into programming improvement units for any remaining significant video and web-based stages.

The stage is making new friendly and financial freedoms for video gamers, groups, watchers, competition coordinators, and brands in the worldwide gaming industry by guaranteeing that cycles are straightforward, secure, and reliable. Further, Verasity is planning to altogether expand video adaptation and client commitment on video stages, and, to achieve that, it is offering its exclusive prizes framework.

“We are eager to exhibit our VeraPlayer for the FTX Galaxie Cup 2021. During this occasion, ongoing outsider information will be taken care of into Verasity’s licensed Proof of View framework. Besides exhibiting our innovation, we trust that cross-cooperation of blockchain tasks will be valuable to all gatherings included and we are energized for this chance and what might come later on.” said RJ Mark, CEO of Verasity.

As well as giving VeraEsports selective transmission privileges for the FTX Galaxie Cup 2021 and working with the use of the VeraPlayer for the occasion, the organization will likewise empower watchers to procure unique prizes which might be accessible on the VeraEsports Rewards Store. Custom Axie Infinity NFTs (AXIES) for the occasion and $VRA tokens will be accessible for reclamation, alongside other elite things.

To watch (and procure) FTX Galaxie Cup 2021, visit galaxiecup.com or veraesports.com, beginning at 13:00 GMT +8, on November 27, 2021, and November 28, 2021.

About Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-motivated universe where anybody can acquire tokens through talented interactivity and commitments to the biological system. Players can fight, gather, raise, and assemble a land-based realm for their pets. All workmanship resources and Axie hereditary information can be effortlessly gotten to by outsiders, permitting local area designers to construct their own apparatuses and encounters in the Axie Infinity universe. While still in early access, Axie is positioned as the #1 Ethereum game by every day, week by week, and month-to-month dynamic clients. It has created more than 13,000 ETH in income (16M+ USD) up until now.

About Verasity

Verasity.io is a convention and item layer blockchain stage for esports and advanced substance. Verasity is focused on conveying a superior client experience for all partners inside the computerized content space. By offering straightforwardness, security and entrust with our licensed Proof of View innovation, we are attempting to wipe out web-based advertisement extortion and NFT misrepresentation – eventually changing how computerized promoting is done today. Inside esports, Verasity vows to overwhelm the business with VeraEsports, utilizing prevalent blockchain innovation and the best-gamified viewership experience.

About FTX

FTX is a digital money trade worked by merchants, for dealers. It offers creative items, including industry-driving subsidiaries, choices and instability items, tokenized stocks, expectation markets, utilized tokens, and an OTC work area. FTX endeavors to be a natural yet incredible stage for a wide range of clients, and to be the most imaginative trade in the business.

About VeraEsports

VeraEsports is a serious esports and video real-time stage incorporated with the fiat and advanced resource economies. Layered on Verasity’s blockchain stage, VeraEsports will use its licensed Proof of View innovation to offer publicists and supporters a biological system liberated from misrepresentation from bots and non-human perspectives. VeraEsports is making new friendly and financial freedoms for video gamers, groups, competition coordinators, watchers, and brands in the worldwide esports industry. VeraEsports’ progressive Watch and Earn program empowers watchers to acquire redeemable focuses just by watching their beloved competition streams. https://veraesports.com.

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